Friday, July 1, 2011

DIY Cupcake Stands

A couple weeks ago, on a mutual day off (a rare and joyous commodity), Joe and I headed down to AmVets, our favorite local thrift store to score some supplies for a little wedding project. Cupcake stands!

We filled our cart full of glass and ceramic plates, platters, cups, candlesticks and vases. Vertical elements for height, horizontal elements for surface area.

I liked this milk glass vase.

Once we got our supplies home, all we did was add some glue! We bought epoxy, but found that plane old superglue did the job. We made a few with a two and three tiers, and others as just regular cakestands.

We think this will make for a pretty sweet dessert table, the perfect home for all those cupcakes I can't seem to go two posts without talking about!

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