Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Six Months

All right people. We're just about six months out now, and we should probably get going with this whole wedding planning thing. For the past couple months, our response to the various forms of the question "how is the wedding planning going?" has been more or less "it's not." Since we took care of the big stuff early on, our efforts have lessened if not totally lasped. Sure, we talk about wedding-type things fairly often (usually along the lines of "are we married yet?"), but active planning is not happening. But that's all about to change! We hope!

Here's what we have to do in the next few months:
  1. Find a ceremony venue and officiant. Yes, that's an important one.
  2. Start sewing the wedding dress. No, I've not started yet. I'm scared.
  3. Set up accommodations for guests.
  4. Design, print and mail formal invitations. Oh, yeah, and finalize the guest list.
  5. Do our registry. I'm sure we'll have no trouble with that one.
  6. Get the photography and entertainment details hammered out. Those are actually in the works.
  7. Book our flight for our honeymoon, rental car, and other things. My grandparents have very generously gifted us a few night at this amazing rental house on the coast (more to come on that soon!).

We will, of course, attempt to keep you posted.

Gabby and Joe