Sunday, June 19, 2011

I had half a cheeseburger for breakfast.

For reals.

It's starting to get crazy here, guys. SIX WEEKS until the day!

While I'm not totally dismantling my dress (tip number one: don't inadvertenly lose weight while sewing your own wedding dress.. you'll have to fit in that thing!), I'm google-calendar-ing the other 40 million things we need to do. In six weeks. Six.


So this is me freaking out, just a little bit. I don't really have anything real to report. Just that, HOLY CRAP, we're getting married in six weeks!

/End rant.

*Post title courtesy of kaasadasdaslkdj;lasl;dl;jas. And Joe.


  1. My dearest Gabby,
    This is exactly why I have been nagging, imploring, trying to persuade you gently (or not) to let some folks help you and not try to do it all yourself. You have nothing to prove; we all know you're amazing. (And hey, this is the time--weeks "before"--when it's normal to have a little pre-nuptial "energy.")
    It's also why I've also been telling you to relax and enjoy this time and all it entails. Lecture complete.
    This is what I really want you to hear: It will all come together and be a beautiful. I heard about the song Nikki will be singing as you walk down the aisle so I have that. I can picture the rose garden. I see a magnificent day. I can imagine how happy you and Joe (and everyone there) will look (and be). And you will look lovely; dressed perfectly. I can see it as clearly as if I were there now.
    So, right now, eat the other half of the cheeseburger and maybe some dark chocolate, put your feet up and watch a comedy (or that movie with tentacles) because it will all be fine. And, breathe. And I (among many) am just an email or phone call away if you'd like to rant. Love you much, Margie

  2. Haha, thanks for the wise words, Margie. While the other half of the cheeseburger is long gone, I can assure you that I've since taken a breath. Mostly I just needed to rant, and I chose to do so on the blog. Help has been offered and accepted, but we can't help but feel a little anxious--or "energetic"--anyway.