Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bakin' It Pretty

I have some fun things to share, guys..

In anticipation of the cupcake bonanza that will be overtaking our kitchen in the coming months/weeks, I've picked up a few accessories. Mostly, I just want to share how awesome this site is: Bake It Pretty. They have everything from novelty cupcake toppers to "baking emulsions" and candy-making supplies.

Here's what I got:

A couple weeks ago I found a really cheap piping set, from Wilton, I think. But all of the tips ended up being kind of small for regular cupcake frosting. I'm hoping these jumbo guys will do the job.

Okay, so here are the really fun things:

Yes. Unicorn molds. Why? Because they are awesome. Obviously. I'm not actually sure how they'll wind their way into the wedding (cupcakes or elsewhere), but I'm sure you'll see them somewhere.

Anyway, I couldn't really keep that to myself. Hopefully this weekend, I can whip up some frosting with my new fiance the KitchenAid and play with the new tips!


  1. You could use the unicorn molds to make ice for drinks!

  2. Make one as your cake topper? Or bury them in the cake like a king cake?

  3. Hmm.. unicorn ice cubes.. put some magic in your drink!

    Oh, Cat, we have the most amazing cake topper (it's a secret!). I'm thinking I might make unicorn candies or chocolates to top some cupcakes. I like the king cake idea though. I wonder if a candy unicorn would melt inside the cupcake?