Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RSVPs Welcome

Now that everyone has (hopefully) received their invites, I thought I'd post the completed suite.


Now let's hear those RSVPs! We'll take them via email, phone, text, Facebook if you're on it... you could even comment on this post if that works for you! June 30th is your deadline!

Check back in soon!



  1. Hey Gabby and Joe, so very excited for you as you count down the days. We are too.
    FYI just 4 of us (sorry no Jake or Luke) will be there. We will come from York, PA, friends on Saturday and spend the night somewhere in Buffalo area, catch the falls on Sunday and back to York.
    Proud of you both! Jackie and Paul too

  2. Gabby- Dutch and I will be unable to make it back east for this. I apologize for not getting back with you sooner. See you soon.

  3. Gabby: RSVP for Kevin Kober, Wendy Kober, and Derek Andreasen. We are all coming. See you in a month.


  4. Gabrielle: I was thinking how long ago it seems that you "nannied" for us up here! Moose ribs :)
    Everyone is commercial fishing or working, and i'm afraid we won't make it but will be thinking of you and Joe on your beautiful day.
    Renee, Matt, El, Nomi, And Quinny
    Sorry I didn't send back the rsvp. look to the mail soon for something else tho!

  5. Renee-- I know! That was even before I met Joe, so it was super long ago.
    I'm sorry we won't be seeing you. Hope all is well :)