Friday, July 23, 2010

A sample of Sample

Last night we visited a caterer, Sample, for our reception, to talk about all the possibilities we had, and were happy to receive a sample. Sample is one of the exclusive caterers for Marcy Casino, and stuck out for three reasons. First, because of a large bold statement saying "We will work with your budget." Second, the menu is creative and everything is fresh and prepared to order. And third, they're right around the corner!

We began our discussion over some fresh raspberry and strawberry bellinis, and discovered that a minimum cost per person was imposed by Marcy Casino, which was disheartening, but nothing too outlandish. We proceeded through the catering menus, to tailor our own package. We even talked about deviating from their options to add our own personal touches.

After the discussion.. we got... Samples! They brought us through their tasting menu, which was fantastic, and provided an example of the quality and freshness of the food that they serve. T'was wonderful!

They do 80% of the weddings at Marcy Casino, and we can definitely see why. The other "options" are hardly options at all by comparison. We were both thoroughly impressed and are excited to continue working with Sample.


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  1. Samples sounds wonderful. Don't forget it will be July (hope it's not like this July--hot, hot, hot, humid) and you should keep the time of day you're serving in mind, as well as the weather. Keeping both in mind, Samples' tapas creations sound like they will be perfect!