Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Small Project

So I ended up having a whole bunch of newsprint scraps from printing fabric for my capstone project (which is now completed and on exhibit, hallelujah). I was already considering making some kind of sewn paper garland, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. It's a pretty simple project, made easier by that awesome fiskars 2" hole punch. The only thing I'm not so sure about it how to store the garland until the wedding without it getting tangled, bent, or ripped. Hmm. Thoughts?



  1. your hole punch (I said hole punch) reminded me of the 3" hole cutter that we had to make buttons, remember? from the photo place in Larkspur that Dad worked at. I think it's still at All Saints.
    I have no other idea for storage than finding a cardboard tube (old fabric bolt?) that is big enough around that you could zig-zag stack the them. Such a great idea though, Gabs. And you're recycling, happy earth day. I look at you and your sister, and I marvel at how awesomely talented and smart you both are.

    Love you & Joe,
    Your mom

  2. ditto mom!
    aunt jackie
    your capstone project is fascinating. jaw dropped speculation, wow. Congrats on all the awards too.

  3. Thanks Momma, thanks Aunt Jackie!
    I had considered spooling them around a tube of some sort, but I'm not sure how well the newsprint will hold up. And now I'm kicking myself for recycling a cardboard fabric bolt that I had.