Sunday, June 27, 2010

Venue Shopping: Forest Lawn Chapel

Tis been quite some time since we have been able to visit something with potential since I started working nights and weekends, however we stole some time away this week to visit the Chapel at Forest Lawn. While the building was closed (though the sign said it should have been open for another hour), we did get to take in the surroundings, and were quite pleased with the potential. There are pictures of the interior online that we came across (and were quite nice), and we'll likely stop by and ask to be let in to see it sometime soon.

Oh, by the way, Forest Lawn is a cemetery. This may seem a bit weird to some people.

The grounds, of course, are beautiful. And as such.. would lend nicely to wedding photos.

And who would have guessed Frank Lloyd Wright designed a Mausoleum here?

- Photo Ops !!
- Outdoor Wedding possible, with the security of having the chapel for rainy day
- "traditional" setting?
- Neither of us would have to convert in order to be married in a chapel setting (and its not Vegas)
- architectural significance
- on the cheaps
- size and seating is perfect

- Burial ceremonies take priority (could get our reservation bumped)
- reception would need to be elsewhere (not a big deal)
- building doubles as a crematory
- big wooden statues. Which APPARENTLY were not there last year, but are now. Gross.

Sorry Ebenezer Walden. I don't like you.

All in all. Very positive. We are anxious to get inside for ourselves.

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