Saturday, May 22, 2010

Engagement Announcements, Part Deux

Now that the prints have made there way out into the world, I thought I'd post them.

I had some studio time at the end of the semester after my exhibition went up, so what better way to spend it? This project didn't involve the purchase of any new materials, so it was a total DIY win. The paper, the linoleum block, and ink were all supplies I had left over from studio. Actually, the only thing we paid for was a couple books of stamps. That said, there were some epic printmaking fails. I started with an edition of 70, which was whittled down to about 40 because of problems like bad registration, an unevenly adjusted press, and some horrible printmaking travesties of which I dare not speak.

Anyway... this is what we came out with. And I say "we" cause Joe was a super duper help (he painstakingly cut out all the text stencils, which we only ended up using for like the first three prints).

The main print came from this photo.
You can see the original on my flickr here.

After some sketching and the magic of graphite transfer...

...and some careful carving, the image becomes printable!

Those are actually all the process photos I have. I didn't really have the blogger foresight to document this project, because, well... we didn't have this blog yet!

Anyway, we had fun making these to share with everyone. So we hope they were all delivered safe and sound, unravaged by the elements or angry postal workers.


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